Locating A Handyman

When looking for a handyman you will typically find them in areas where people will need a lot of constant work done, hotels, apartment buildings, condos, office buildings and more commercial properties.  However, handyman near me in omaha ne can be anywhere if you just take some time to look.

Construction sites

There are going to be construction sites in your area where people offering different skills in different trades can be found.  If you visit these sites you can talk to people and see if anyone is available after the completion of that project to work on yours, or if they are looking for any side work.


There are more and more people creating a digital presence online.  They are creating videos, resumes and more.  If you are looking for a handyman you may want to consider going online and looking in your local promotion groups and service boards.  There you can find some really talented people and start building yourself a team of workers any time you need something done.

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What skills do they have?

Another thing that you can look for are people with specific skills.  Many handymen will have different skills that will set them apart from others.  Even though any handyman can screw in a lightbulb or clean out a room, not all will be good painters or good with plumbing.  With that being said, you will want to see who has the best skills in what area.

Test them out

Once you have found yourself a handyman test them out.  See if they can do a specific task for you.  Throw them a few curb balls and see if they can come up with some creative solutions.  As you test them out give them a score card and then as you have more and more projects to do, you can pick the right one for the right job.